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04:16:43 AM Nov 13th 2017
edited by Ferigeras
Removed the "Cobalt Bomb" entry entirely because it simply doesn't qualify for this trope at all, much less the "Real Life" section. To actually reach "Doomsday" levels of destruction with this kind of weapon, you'd need an incredibly large amount of these, which in itself is missing the point anyway if nuclear weapons by themselves are usually considered the "weapons of the end" or something like that. Indeed I was the last one to slightly edit this entry, but the only reason it was ever added here in the first place is because the last editor to add it wrongly believed that just one such bomb is already a "Doomsday Device". It's true that it leaves behind extraordinarily longlasting radioactivity on the affected field, but it brings no advantages other than maybe "area denial" or something, but that can be done with a ton of other things and a "Cobalt Bomb" isn't exactly the most precise kind of weapon to do such a job, so there's just about no strategic value to it (hence why such a weapon was never built anyway and most probably never will when you consider today's standards for nuclear warheads where size and yield is dropped in favor of accuracy). And if you're going to tell me that "an arsenal of such weapons does qualify as a doomsday device", by that logic we'd include all firearms here because they also have the potential to "end all life". Look, I know that not everyone here on TV Tropes is the smartest thing alive (I mean, neither am I really), but if you're going to include an entry in the Real Life section, especially a theorethical weapon of such magnitude, you have to know what you're doing, unless all you want to do is mislead and terrify people who simply don't know better for the sake of "drama".
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