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10:53:05 AM Nov 24th 2013
I pulled the Webcomics folder because the one example (see below) did not actually name the webcomic it was from (and I didn't recognize it). If someone knows what webcomic it is, feel free to re-add it with the comic's name.

  • Elon gives Myari this warning after she's wandered into the dark, dangerous forest without him.
    Elon: Why must you always put yourself at risk like this? We all know how dangerous the forest is!

12:08:37 PM Nov 24th 2013
Whoops. I was careless with my crosswicking. It's from Ears for Elves.
08:17:16 PM Sep 5th 2012
A bit of Trope Writers Cannot Do Math

  • In Deliverance, four yuppies go on a canoeing trip in the backwoods of Georgia and run afoul of the local hillbillies. One of them gets raped, another dies when going over a waterfall, and the three left alive have to defend themselves from a sniper up on a cliff.

Um.... 4-1-1=2, not 3. I haven't seen Deliverance, (I read the book a long time ago) so I can't really fix it.
08:18:35 PM Sep 5th 2012
edited by pittsburghmuggle
Wait... one raped. I see. Sorry. Poop. Isn't it fun when you don't see your own math is wrong until you've already posted about it? :/
12:23:35 PM Jan 26th 2012
Testing the custom title on the wick form: Don't Go in the Woods
03:03:16 PM May 30th 2010
Removing these film entries...

Since I haven't seen them to confirm if they count, and there's no description of the plot (well, I've seen Pod People, but only as an MST3K movie, and all I remember about that is that "Trumpy is Magic!"). If anyone's seen them and they do fit, feel free to add them back with elaboration.

Also removed...

Plotwise, it's not really this trope. There's a forest, and it's scary alright, but most of the horror's inflicted by the characters on each other for reasons that aren't related to being in the woods.

Way too tenuous a connection - the movie's mostly set in suburbia.

Those really belong under The Lost Woods, since they're fantasy'ish movies with magical, but not necessarily evil, forests.

  • The House of Wax

It's more of a trip to a Ghost Town than to the woods.

Since it's not a horror movie, it fits better with Horrible Camping Trip, and is already listed there. A subtle distinction, since slasher movies also involve hillbilly killers in the woods, but it has a much different tone.
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