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10:01:49 PM Aug 21st 2011
Dogs can be quite expressive, especially when they're older.

This troper has a Chow/Wolf/Husky-mixed dog who's the big dog leading our small pack(with an older Manchester Terrier and a Black Lab who's still a puppy, but is now actually a little bit larger) that is a downright Deadpan Snarker with the way her eyebrows move at times.
02:39:39 PM Apr 6th 2011
I was pretty appalled by the non existence of Scooby Doo in this article. When I read Hanna-Barbera I figured his name would have been slipped in there.
11:42:32 AM Dec 8th 2010
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Whoever wrote the study about dog intelligence maybe needs to look a little closer at wolves. I'm pretty sure adult wolves play, and I'm not even talking domesticated wolves people keep around.

I'm talking scientists studying wild wolves finding out that their wolf pack considers tossing and catching toilet paper - all around their CAMP - to be great fun. There's also the tug-a-war response, play bow, and numerous other behaviour that remains in adult hood. It's just once grown out of cub hood, pack hierarchy can restrict play to a degree. Deltas are the most likely to exhibit it because of their role in the pack looking after the cubs.

As a side note, most canid species exhibit the play bow behaviour and response, excepting the some species of dingo. Even then, it's possible the behaviour simply just hasn't been observed.
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