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02:31:07 PM Jul 4th 2014
I do have to note here, apropos of nothing, that I (a male) have an unrestored 1968 Chevy Nova named Valerie. The name is...catastrophically fitting.
09:42:47 AM Jun 29th 2014
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In the Real Life section, I found this particular example problematic and decided to remove it:

20th Feb '14 1:31:39 AM Svarti Kotturinn
Added line(s) 266 (click to see context) :
* Subverted with most women, especially actual Useful Notes/Feminists (as opposed to the straw kind), who say things like that to vent their anger at the patriarchy.

Put another way, this example is telling us that hateful statements about men are okay as long as you say you're venting your anger at "the patriarchy." To me, this is exactly like the sort of backhanded thing that people who, say, hate Americans do when they're called out for making hateful blanket statements and then try to cover their butts by saying they don't really hate Americans, they just hate their government—despite having made no such distinction in their words whatsoever (or better yet, saying things clearly targeted at the populace and not government policies).

Making excuses to get away with harboring sweeping generalizations and uttering hateful blanket statements. That's not how subverting a trope works.

However, when I removed this example, it was added back a few minutes later by emeriin:

9th Jun '14 9:16:21 AM emeriin
Venting in a safe place at being mistreated is not the same as hating men.
Added line(s) 276 (click to see context) :
* Subverted with most women, especially actual feminists (as opposed to the straw kind), who say things like that to vent their anger at the patriarchy.

Nowhere in that example as it was written is this implied. What the example claims is that most women and real feminists make Does Not Like Men statements ("who say things like that" implies they're saying things that play the trope straight) just to "vent their anger," and that this supposedly separates them from Straw Feminists. There is nothing about doing it "in a safe place," and even if there was, the example would still be problematic for the reasons I already provided.

A line pointing out that real feminists avert this trope because fighting for equal treatment for women is not the same as hating men is fine, but that's not what this example was trying to say. At all.
10:00:44 PM Jun 25th 2013
There was a Batman villain mentioned named Water Lily. Does anyone know where she appeared?
11:01:59 AM Mar 12th 2012
"Generally, the author portrays the woman in question sympathetically, and vilifies whatever man drove her to hate the rest of his gender." Really? It seems to me that these characters are either Straw Feminists or background characters where its Played for Laughs. Or else their established to hate men so the hero can woo them somehow. I'm sure sympathetic portrayals exist, but sympathetic portrayals of everything exist, so I don't think thats how the trope is "generally" used.
04:19:06 PM Feb 22nd 2011
Why is not okay to write a story about a male hero hating women due to bad experience until the good heroine shows up? It is unfair that he doesn't get the same sympathy that we give to women who hate men. Just like women who hate men need healing? I'm sure men who hate women need need healing, too.
07:27:13 PM Dec 23rd 2011
That inverted plot happens all the time in Anime. Besides which, what examples of stories "about a male hero hating women due to bad experience until the good heroine shows up" are there? I don't seem to recall any...
11:03:39 AM Feb 24th 2012
To the first post: I'm not sure if I've seen that plot before, but I agree it's not fair how both misogynists and misandrists are portrayed. Typically the former needs a really good Freudian Excuse to be an asshole to women, whereas the latter is just assumed to have one because men are bastards by their very nature. For guys, usually a very good alibi is needed before they even qualify as a Jerkass Woobie. Sad, Double Standard, but very true.
06:52:09 PM Jan 17th 2011
So Hestia didnt like men.......well probobly she got sick and tired of looking for one
11:12:11 PM Sep 19th 2010
Is there a reason why Fictional characters can be revealed as victims of rape (therefore revealing their reason WHY they hate men), but Live Action TV (real life) people can not have that privilege?
11:06:41 PM Jul 13th 2012
Because in real life that idea doesn't stand?
04:57:08 PM Jul 17th 2010
Do we need a tropertales page for this? because it seems to be turning into a what sex is better thing.
09:00:43 AM Sep 9th 2010
Agreed. Imagine having such a page for HeManWomanHater. We don't need a page for people to simply complain about how much they hate the opposite (or sometimes the same) sex.
09:14:19 PM May 8th 2010
edited by Alrune
Topic Removed. Stupid question from this troper who admits it herself.
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