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02:32:06 PM Jan 26th 2013
The Dungeons & Dragons entry claims that the d20 Call of Cthulhu stats for Azathoth can be reverse engineered to give a divine rank of 21. Is there a source for this? A quick glance over those stats shows Damage Reduction 55/+4, Spell Resistance 52, and Fire Resistance 40, all consistent with a divine rank of 20 (under 3.0 rules, those should be 35+divine rank, 32+divine rank, and 20+divine rank respectively). As far as I can tell, d20 CoC assumes that all Greater Deities (of which Azathoth is one) have a divine rank of 20, all Intermediate have 15, all Lesser have 10, and all Demigods have 5. By what process of reverse engineering can any other figure be derived?
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