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02:41:31 PM Feb 21st 2016
These examples might fit this trope, but don't quite say enough about what differentiates the two parts of these albums. (There was also a considerable amount of natter attached to the latter.)

  • Nellie McKay's first two albums were both double-discers, even though each CD only had about a half hour of music on it. The reason for the multiple discs was to simulate (sort of) the act of turning over a vinyl record mid-album.
  • Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion, both parts released separately. (it also tried to separate by content, but with exceptions - "November Rain" is on the hard rocking I and "You Could Be Mine" on the softer and grandiose II, for instance)

These examples seem to be double albums listed irrespective of content:
  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood's debut album, Welcome to the pleasuredome, was in its vinyl release a double album. The labels on the four sides of the records spelled "FGTH" (instead of using numbers). The CD version of the album, released almost simultaneously, had a different version of Two Tribes (the longer Annihilation remix), missed San José (The Way), but got an other track in its place (Happy Hi!)... and was made to fit on a single disk.
  • MC Solaar's "Le tour de la question" was released as a double album, mostly because he couldn't stand his record label anymore and his contract specified he still had two disks left to release with them.
  • Frank Zappa released a lot of double albums, even triple albums!
  • John Zorn's "Lacross" (1978), "Cartoon S/M" (2000), "Execution Ground" (1994), the Masada albums,... are all double albums. "Archery" (1982/2001) is a triple album.

These examples fall under what looks like another trope altogether:
  • An unusual inversion with the Flaming Lips: In 1997 they released "Zaireeka", which is technically a quadruple-album as it comes on four discs; however, the discs are meant to be played simultaneously on separate CD players, making it a regular single album after all.
  • Rosetta's double album Galilean Satellites becomes a third album when both discs are played simultaneously.
10:14:19 AM Dec 30th 2015
Shouldn't Metallica's "Load"/"Reload" and Helloween's "Keeper of The Seven Keys Part I" and "Part II" be considered Distinct Double Albums as well? Both duos had the sequel released in the following year, and both Reload and KOTSK Part II featured tracks composed in the same time frame as the ones in the previous work, as it usually happens with DDA. I don't believe only albums which were released in the same year should count, such as System of a Down "Mesmerize" and "Hypnotize".
02:51:23 PM Jan 6th 2015
This trope is getting added to album pages that are just double albums. Isn't this trope specifically where the two albums are different from each other?
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