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08:04:50 PM Jul 22nd 2012

Why is this page indexed on Films of the 90s?
11:52:56 PM Jul 22nd 2012
Because the [/index] [index] tags on that page are being tempermental and I can't work out how to force it not to index.
12:33:46 AM Jul 23rd 2012
The indexer recognizes the first wiki word in each bullet point and indexes it. Because non of those films were wiki worded, it thought Distant Finale was the work. Fixed now.
04:05:59 AM May 23rd 2010
Distant Finale - A Pointless Concept of Wall Banging and Irritation.

Am I the only person alive who would never, under any circumstances, write a distant finale? Is anyone else sick of reading an "[Insert Number of Years] Later", when they much prefer to have EVERYTHING open to interpretation and imagination - with only implications for what happens in the future? Or do you just hate Long Distance Time Jumps and prefer the jumps to be, at the most, a few months.

I, for one, would need to be - or have someone else - held at gunpoint to write one of these. On the other hand, I feel somewhat similar about Distant Prologues - we're given something, and then suddenly there's an annoying LEAP into the future.

I can cope better, of course, with either one if they are sequential - a few paragraphs next year, a few more detailing the next, etc. But personal irritation aside, I don't see the point of wasting time with a brief look into the future. 20 Years Later Sequels, however, are a different matter ...

Does anyone else agree with me? Disagree? Please do not put down my Point of View, or try to sway me - I have no intention of doing that to anyone who disagrees with me. I simply don't like this storytelling trope, which I personally find pointless and irritating. It limits the imagination. I personally go out of my way to ignore distant finales even when they appear in canon, considering them Word Of God unless they are only a few months later, or if they are prequels. No other situation counts.

Please tell me what YOU, personally, think.
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