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01:56:00 PM Feb 25th 2013
The Anachronism Stew entry doesn't seem to make much sense. The scene was made in/with The Eighties in mind, but has been periodically updated to partially avoid Zeerust; so as the scene is not intentionally set in the eighties, but at some point in the present/future, I don't think it is an example of the trope.
09:01:59 AM Aug 24th 2010
"Both parks are hated by the French people, who oppose the poor (by French standards, anyway) working conditions there and view them as examples of American cultural imperialism. Still has some of the largest attendance numbers for a European tourist attraction though. "

French people older than 50,actually...15 years later lot of french could'nt imagine be without their Disneyland.And working conditions are not much better in Asterix Park (not far away from it).Anyway I'm a french who always liked Disneyland Paris.Am I a Disney fan? Hum, yes.*cough*
03:42:17 PM May 26th 2010
edited by MichaelJJ
Is it just me, or could a lot of the things under Aborted Arc fit better under What Could Have Been or, in the case of the last one, Development Hell?
02:00:59 PM Jun 11th 2010
Last one might be better elsewhere, but the others fit the idea of an Aborted Arc very well—there are pieces added early on that were intended to tie into something, but said "something" never happened and now they've become meaningless or out of place.
08:29:47 AM Jun 13th 2010
Moved the last one then.