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11:18:48 AM Jul 19th 2012
Holy crap, I wrote the Know Your Meme "Family Guy Effect" article. Hot dog.
02:07:43 AM Jun 7th 2012
Good rule of thumb is if it's shown on Reddit, the meme is already dead.
06:12:28 PM Jun 28th 2013
Cracked seems to think that it's dead when it winds up on network television.
08:04:55 AM Jan 4th 2012
I used to make arrow to the knee tropes. But then it became a discredited meme. I mean, even in places it shouldn't belong it pops up. Like... as if people know it's not even funny, but are determined to put it on every YouTube comments section they can.
09:58:10 AM Mar 27th 2011
"Yadda yadda yadda" pothole to Seinfeld removed. Not the origin of the phrase or even the codifier — it was already Yiddish common parlance before Jerry Seinfeld was BORN.
04:11:24 PM Dec 2nd 2010
edited by asterselene
If you want to stop people opening edit just to edit it, isn't it better to just change the caption entirely? Or make a hottip, Don't Explain the Joke aside - because most don't even get the joke.
09:37:34 PM Dec 2nd 2010
No, the editing was from those that did get one joke, but not that they weren't supposed to follow it.
12:02:37 AM Jul 8th 2010
Yep,Candle Jack is on its way to becoming a Discredited Meme, if it isn't already.
07:01:18 PM Aug 30th 2010
But Batman Being Badass is even more of a discredited meme. We need a different picture.
07:03:50 PM Aug 30th 2010
Do we?
04:32:26 AM Aug 31st 2010
No, that's not an argument. The page requires a work declaring the meme discredited.

Plus that's not the joke everyone's sick of. It's Batman being able to beat anyone.
12:31:48 PM Sep 6th 2010
Says you. "Everyone" isn't sick of it, and hell, I'd use that picture as evidence to that fact. The artist, at least, is much more sick of the Candle Jack thing than Batman being Badass, as would be whoever put it on the page, etc.

So I wouldn't throw those "everyone"s around for something that's clearly contested.
01:35:28 PM Sep 6th 2010
Or, Batman being badass is actually being part of the comics, not a meme, so it can't even count here.
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