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07:04:04 PM Oct 3rd 2011
edited by Excel2011
The latest chapter has an intro that sums up the series better than the old quote:

->''"'But it was supposed to have stopped!' said J. K. Rowling. 'It wasn't supposed to do this anymore!' Ha-ha! 'Fuck J. K. Rowling.' said Jim Dale. [-(Yeah!)-]"''
-->--'''Dirty Potter and the Deathly Farts'''
01:38:37 PM Mar 8th 2010
edited by Cambdoranononononono
I'm pulling this example because You Suck means something else and has been retitled accordingly. This may, however, be an example of You Bastard, but I don't know the work well enough to say that myself.
  • You Suck: "The awful thing was that you probably thought this was funny. But it isn't. At all. Ever."
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