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11:53:19 AM Feb 7th 2012
Gilligan's Island. From:

PROFESSOR Well, in order to justify such a fantastic claim, I would have to perform laboratory tests with strict controls.

SKIPPER Oh never mind professor for goodness sakes. I'll test her myself. Now go ahead Ginger, start reading.

GINGER AH...,thirty six, twenty two, thirty six (She gives the skipper the tisk tisk tisk sound)

SKIPPER Oh well Ginger I was trying to figure out the longitude and latitude of....this Island.

GILLIGAN Oh no you weren't skipper. You were thinking about Ginger's....

SKIPPER Never mind Gilligan. Alright now...ah.professor you go ahead, you test her.

PROFESSOR All right Ginger, read my mind.

GINGER Thirty six, twenty two, thirty six.

PROFESSOR We...well that's just the atomic weight of sodium hydrochloride.

GILLIGAN OH no professor, you were thinking about Ginger's.....

PROFESSOR Never mind Gilligan, all right Ginger what happened? Did Gilligan tell you...
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