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09:17:58 PM Oct 15th 2012
I feel like there should be a Sub-Trope for when the actual head of the police is dirty and actually serves as either The Dragon or Big Bad and is perhaps a Magnificent Bastard, examples being Leob in Batman: Year One and Lecoq of The Black Coats. Sort of an evil counterpart of The Commissioner Gordon.
07:08:54 AM Sep 2nd 2012
another dirty cops in movies: the detectives in "Phoenix", directed by danny cannon in 1998;if ray liotta's character is an helpless gambler with a strong sense of honor, his dtective partner mike henshaw is amoral and sadistic wich busily moonlighting for a lone shark,practicing brutality and conducting illicit sexual affairs, and he falls easily in the complete monster territory; lt. clyde webber is even worse.
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