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06:26:49 AM Jul 29th 2010
edited by Gemmifer
I've noticed a tendency on this wiki that is annoying to me as a German. It means something to me, because I really like this wiki and usually have respect for it's attitude.

But: You know, not everything about modern Germany's attitude, culture and ways go back to the experiences of WW2. A lot of these attributes simply... are. They are part of what makes Germany, Germany. The Dichter Und Denker thing is one of them, I think. It's part of German classes in school as a way to build the pupils understanding and appreciation of art and perhaps even to build their character. It's part of the culture, simple as that. Here on TV Tropes you don't believe you Americans shaped Japan's entire, innermost core by defeating them, do you? Germany has her own identity also, removed from America. As a general rule, not everything about other countries has to do with America.

But since this is an American wiki I hereby ask, before I delete that claim out of the opening paragraph, if it's okay with you. Simply changing it won't hold long because anyone can change it back.
08:11:17 PM Mar 18th 2013
But you have to concede that with the elimination of the nationalism and militarism as acceptable target for pride, Dichter und Denker became more important. Also umformulieren, aber direkt löschen würd ichs nicht.