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07:32:20 PM Aug 10th 2010
edited by ComputerSherpa

Diane Duane is an incredibly awesome author. She's been writing for over thirty years now, she's a TV Tropes VIP, and she's one of the nicest persons you'll meet online. So why does her TV Tropes page refer almost exclusively to her Star Trek works? They're great, granted, but there's so much more good stuff out there! Therefore, I am expanding this page to try and at least touch on most of her fiction.

Unfortunately, I have not read all of her works yet. (Give it time.) This means that I'm going to have to try and explain things of which I remain ignorant. Some of the things I put in may well be be wrong or badly incomplete. Please feel free to edit! Wiki Magic, work your weirding way! The more complete and wikified this page ends up being, the happier I'll be.

It should also be confessed that I am a bit of a @dduane fanboy. Please feel free to edit me down if I get over the top. I will forgive you, I promise.

This has been a public service announcement. Thank you for your time. (Also, I get a bit of childish glee over the fact that we have Duane's latest book, Omnitopia Dawn, listed before Wikipedia does (as of August 10, 2010). Let's see how long it takes them to catch up!)
07:56:57 PM Aug 10th 2010
As I was implementing this overhaul, I noticed a hidden request that trope examples regarding Young Wizards and A Tale Of Five be put on those pages to prevent duplication. Makes sense, but what about novels like Stealing the Elf-King's Roses which seem to be connected to those 'verses, but are not actually part of those series? I guess they should go here, but it feels like there should be a more elegant solution. Please comment if you have input.
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