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10:12:05 AM Jul 14th 2014
Do quasi-nude example like the ponies in My Little Pony count? Technically the royal regalia is an otherwise nude costume made of jewelry, and it's not just jewels as clothes do exist in the world, but it's purpose isn't to highlight their nudity as most ponies are nude and they are, well, ponies. Pretty sure there is some other examples as well.
12:00:28 PM Jul 14th 2014
Unfortunately, no.

There has to be some sort of Real Life expectation or moral assumption about clothes or lack thereof. Ponies don't count.
01:33:57 PM Jul 14th 2014
... why is that "unfortunately"?
01:55:43 PM Jul 14th 2014
Just being polite.

05:08:50 AM Apr 11th 2012
Christina Aguilera's costume during the "Guy What Takes His Time" number in "Burlesque" seems to be made of nothing but pearls.

That is, until it's stripped off :-).
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