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04:49:47 AM Oct 9th 2012
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Hans Christian Anderson entry: I read a collection of his stories touted as 'complete'. Nearly every friggin' one had a depressing ending. Not all were Diabolus, but they sure as heck weren't happy.

But...there was one, where a kid pulls himself up from a servant's son (possibly illegitimate, no father is ever mentioned). He wins the notice of a music master, eventually writes his own version of Aladdin, casts himself as the resident genie-finder. The story speaks of his ultimate triumph as he climbs the set during the first performance to seize the golden lamp -and then an unknown weakness in an artery to his heart bursts. Yeah.
02:28:03 PM Jul 7th 2012
12:20:21 PM Feb 25th 2012
Would Pendragon count as an example?
05:50:06 PM Jan 3rd 2011

"* The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion has both a Deus ex Machina and a Diabolus Ex Machina in the end. Martin, the heir to the emperor's throne, who you have spent the entire main quest protecting, manages to close the Oblivion Gates and totally stop the Daedra invasion. He does so by ritually sacrificing his life. A Winner Is You!
  • It seems that the Diabolus hates that family. During the opening sequence, the player is helping the Emperor and his bodyguards escape through underground tunnels. You fight your way through a dozen assassins only to reach a dead end, where one more comes through a hidden door and murders the Emperor.
    • It gets even worse if you read the Emperor's obituary and find out that Martin was his fourth son. His three brothers were killed offstage by the assassins before the opening sequence even started."

Its not a Diabolus if its the result of *actual in-story forces* conspiring against you. As for the ending, its a plain old Heroic Sacrifice. Mehrunes Dagon was fully manifested in the physical world, its not exactly shocking that kicking him back out might take a Heroic Sacrifice.
05:42:58 PM Oct 3rd 2011
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I really can't be bothered fixing this trope, but I would say 75% of the examples are just "a bad thing happens". Surely the point of this trope is that, much like how Deus Ex Machina resolves an unsolvable problem through outside action, this is when something terrible happens that is not foreshadowed and not the result or consequence of anyone's actions in the plot, Not just the occurrence of ANY event that harms the protagonists.

A good example would be the death of Meg Ryan's character in City of Angels. It comes out of nowhere, isn't caused by any action in the plot and its only purpose is to make Nick Cage's character suffer.
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