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07:33:03 AM Oct 9th 2013
Is Sam from LOTR really a deuteragonist? He seems like a textbook sidekick to Frodo, with Aragorn being the deuteragonist, and other members of the Fellowship as tritagonists, particularly Gandalf.

Not confident enough to change someone else's example, but wondered what anybody else thought...
09:34:47 AM Oct 9th 2013
Your assessment sounds accurate to me. I'd go ahead and it.
08:35:30 AM Oct 13th 2013
Your username reassures me.
07:53:08 PM Oct 15th 2013
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Any list of central characters of LOTR which does not include Sam honestly baffles me. He's certainly more core to the narrative than Aragorn (who is more important to the overall world situation, true, and the most archetypical heroic character, but is not really at the center of the narrative the way the Hobbits are), and is more important to the Quest than Merry or Pippin. In fact, the argument has certainly been made (including by this Troper's own mother) that he's more important than Frodo. Tolkien himself was even somewhat favorable to this view, IIRC. I think that dismissing him as a mere "sidekick" does a great disservice to the character.

Of course, I'm speaking as a certified arachnophobe who thinks that Sam is utterly awesome for his fight with Shelob alone, so keep in mind that I'm biased:).

EDIT: And the page itself notes that a sidekick can be a deuteragonist if given sufficient focus. IMHO, Sam certainly got enough focus.
08:21:17 AM Jul 25th 2013
All the natter and Thread Mode Discussion On The Main Page below is not acceptable. Also, examples are not arguable.

  • Dragon Age
    • Dragon Age: Origins has Alistair and Morrigan as possible Deuteragonist and Tritagonist, which is which is naturally open to debate.
    • Varric Tethras of Dragon Age II prefers to masquerade as an ordinary party member, but if you think about it, his impact on the plot is almost as significant as Hawke's own.
      • This is because while Varric is part of the story, he acknowledges that he doesn't make a very good leading man, which is crucial to him as a storyteller.

11:26:57 AM Dec 30th 2012
That picture isn't really saying much. It's just some guy. Could some one add context?
11:38:32 AM Dec 30th 2012
I'll make a thread about it in Image Pickin' when there's room. Meantime, I've removed the empty caption; for reference, the image was only added yesterday.
03:52:35 PM Oct 16th 2012
Why was the Scrubs example changed? Turk and Elliot aren't the Deuteragonist and Tritagonist. Dr. Cox, especially in the first three seasons, is the character with the second-most development and conflict, a lot of it independent of his interactions with JD. One could make an argument for Turk as the Tritagonist, but it's iffy.
02:52:31 PM Aug 24th 2012
I have to say that I find the Final Fantasy X example here the one most fitting this trope. The game is about Tidus being transferred into a different world and his misadventures there - following his father, trying to find out what happened to him since he disappeared years ago. But, at the same time, the game is about the summoner Yuna, as she goes on her Pilgrimage in order to defeat Sin, the monster terrorizing her world. Both characters are central to their plots, both characters get a ton of screentime and whatnot. Tidus is the official Protagonist, he gets a variable name and Dissidia presence, but Yuna is just as important and the title of a Deuteragonist should, in my opinion, mean someone like that.
06:47:56 AM Dec 15th 2011
Is this the same as the Impact Character from Dramatica's theory? Or is it explicitly the type of character who's playing the protagonist to the B-plot, who may or may not be the Impact Character to the Protagonist?
08:27:23 AM Nov 17th 2011
A hell of a lot of these examples are just major characters, not protagonists of any stripe. Does ANYONE actually think that Lassiter is a protagonist on psych, for example?
01:12:30 PM Oct 4th 2011
I don't really agree with the Gurren Lagann example. Simon is pretty much unrivaled for the spot of main character, except by Kamina.
05:44:55 AM May 4th 2011
What the pronunciation of Deuteragonist?
03:04:46 PM Jun 4th 2011
"dew-ter-AG-a-nist" or, in IPA, /ˌdju:təˈɹɡənɪst/
07:36:10 AM Sep 28th 2010
Umm, should tritagonist have its own trope? Because it might work better to not have any examples of tritagonist on this trope.

05:44:29 AM May 4th 2011
Maybe name this trope differently to include triagonist?
02:50:27 PM Jul 11th 2011
I agree with Aliroz, tritagonist should have its own trope.
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