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07:56:32 AM Nov 17th 2012
Removed Strong Sad. The example didn't even fit the trope description. Strong Sad was absolutely an intentional Butt-Monkey, and if the audience is treating him as The Woobie and The Chew Toy in rotation, they don't seem to be annoyed by his abuse.

Also Pete because the majority of the fanbase appears to have no or very little sympathy for him, and if the series is taken as a whole, his punishment is at least mostly deserved. ("Bringin' on the Rain", for example, probably has enough Jerkassery to make up for multiple episodes where he "didn't do anything" by itself).
01:50:47 AM Sep 5th 2012
  • In Twilight, the character Leah Clearwater was punished by being rendered infertile, for being bitter about her fiance being brainwashed into falling in love with her cousin. And for being nasty to the main character, Bella Swan. However, she remains one of the most sensible and likeable characters on the show, and a vast majority of the anti-fanbase cheers her on and supports her.
    • Similarly, Rosalie Hale was rendered infertile, for being jealous of the main character and for once being attracted to the male lead. She was redeemed in the third book, where she reveals that she has an obsession about babies, and is willing to become a baby-sitter for free for Bella, because that was her ultimate ambition as a human. Before this was revealed, Rosalie was one of the most popular Cullens, and was very popular with the anti-fanbase, as well.

Because clearly infertility is karmic punishment for jealous feelings (even feelings that happen a good century in the future) and definitely has nothing to do with the way vampires and werewolves work in that series, right?
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