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02:48:21 PM Dec 22nd 2011
edited by Orange_Drake
This is meant to be for when villains or others that are crazy or evil people are also bisexual as an added "character flaw", correct? About half the examples seem to be Anything That Moves or bisexuals who are kinda jerks to their lovers. Is the trope supposed to encompass that, or does it need a cleanup?
10:28:32 AM Aug 6th 2011
edited by MarqFJA
Is there room for expanding this trope to include other forms that are literally "depraved bisexual"? Because the word "depraved" isn't limited to "morally bad/evil"; it can also mean "(sexually) perverted".

Example: "A bisexual who is also interested in other 'abnormal' sexual practices (e.g. )"; born from an (ultimately incorrect) assumption that I've come across more than a few times, according to which bisexuality requires such high sexual deviancy that said bisexual must also be into other deviant sexual practices (e.g. gang bangs, sodomy, bestiality, scatological acts).
01:53:27 PM Aug 4th 2011
Say a villain has an opposite gender lover. How many times does this villain need to go to 1st base with a same gender character before we count him/her a depraved bisexual?
01:57:16 PM Aug 4th 2011
04:07:12 PM May 24th 2011
We need to pothole the image to Peachi (or hiimdaisy, if you want), and add a caption that links to MGS. Anybody got a good idea for a caption?
02:22:30 AM Mar 24th 2011
What happened to the Troper Tales?
09:38:10 PM Dec 5th 2010
should there be a section for the appearance in fan fiction?
05:32:44 PM Mar 9th 2010
Okay. A while ago I removed this needless bit from the intro: I see now that it was quickly replaced with this:
  • Despite the trope being loaded with bigotry, ignorance and general unpleaseantness and offensiveness, both to real-world bisexuals and indeed anyone with more than half a brain cell to their name, it sadly still crops up in modern works
People. We do not have to pass judgment on tropes. In fact, "we" can't, because there is no "we". (The bit I originally removed began, IIRC, as an outright This Troper statement.) There are places to criticize tropes you dislike; heck, there are places to do that on this wiki. Doing it in the trope intro is just a way to flaunt how (in this case) gay-friendly you are — and this page isn't about you, it's about the trope.
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