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08:44:09 PM May 31st 2015
okay wtf does this mean:

"The Eighties were more or less this compared to The Seventies. The Nineties would then do the same thing to The Eighties." can an entire decade be wackier than the previous one? And two decades running!
09:29:06 PM Sep 20th 2011
Originally these two examples were mixed into one bullet point: one work or work series per example, please.

So these two don't appear to be examples as written. We've got no indication of a change towards denser and wackier. Also — being cartoon-like doesn't lead to Cerebus Syndrome in and of itself.

  • It's Walky! has a Godlike robotic force known as the Cheese, inter-dimensional British ninjas, and zombies.
  • {{Shortpacked} is cartoon-like which does a fairly good job adding a touch of Cerebus Syndrome.
02:27:45 AM Feb 24th 2011
Okay, so I got a question. Why is this DENSER and wackier? The trope description makes the wacky part known, but how are things getting denser? And how are the two linked? This reads like someone just wanted to carry the "Xer and Yer" theme and decided to shoehorn.
05:17:19 PM Mar 10th 2011
I have no idea. ...And how is it different from Dropped A Widget On Him?
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