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08:41:28 PM Jan 30th 2013
Somehow, the Calvin and Hobbes image is even funnier with only two panels.
08:17:19 AM May 3rd 2011
ivy De Vil in 101 dalimation series looks like a cute and innocent girl, but really a evil schemer, and sakurako in hana yori dango and bb hood in darkstalkers!!!!
01:22:36 PM Jun 19th 2010
edited by Amarys
Removed these examples with some definately bad ones. They might fit or not, someone needs to elaborate on them.

The sitcom ones in particular are odd, is it that the character was set up to be cute for the audience (in which case they don't fit) or that the characters themselves did it (in which case I just don't remember it happening).


Anime & Manga

  • Freesia from the second season of Jubei-chan.
  • The titular three from Zettai Karen Children often do this, with varying levels of success.
  • The whole plot of Gunslinger Girls hinges on this.
  • Markie from Robert Asprin's Little Myth Marker. A shout out to Shirley Temple who's actually a full grown "character assassin" (a professional ruiner of reputations).
  • In the Eberron Novel ''City Of Towers', a goblin girl plays this part. It's debatable if she's really a child.
  • Several in Richmal Crompton's William books, the most prominent being Violet Elizabeth Bott. There's also Anthony Martin, a send-up of Christopher Robin.
  • Lily Yakimoto, from Girl Who Could Fly, qualifies as this.

Live action TV
  • In The Cosby Show, Olivia makes fun of Rudy; since Rudy's grown up and Olivia is the new cute child, Rudy can't do this anymore.
  • Cindy Brady bordered on this trope in the show's earlier years, much to the despair and humiliation of actress Susan Olsen.


Western Animation

Edit to add two more I missed.
09:53:39 PM Jun 30th 2010
I took back the Full House one, because I remember both the twins and Michelle doing this occasionally on the show. Can't comment on any of the others.
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