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02:04:10 PM Aug 14th 2012
edited by DaibhidC
  • As the series has gone on, Pratchett has slowly worked more and more of his real-world views into the series. The end result is that what was accepted as deliberate values dissonance in previous books is suddenly and jarringly depicted as always being bad in later ones.

Examples? All the examples given are ones where the dissonant values were pretty much always presented as a bad thing (the wizards in ER are misogynistic jerks; the first time the idea that female dwarfs shouldn't (as opposed to simply don't) be openly female gets mentioned is when Cheery heroically rebels against it, etc.) On the other hand, the idea that in troll culture hitting someone over the head with a rock is a friendly greeting is still portrayed as entirely reasonable, as long as you're doing it to another troll.
04:58:43 PM Sep 3rd 2011
Should we comment on the two forms this trope take, that is, the poor excuse to showcase reprehensible opinions a la FATAL (example deliberately chosen to avoid flame wars), and the actual attempt to make a different culture that the author might not agree to, but find interesting to write about (or is an interesting setting to play in, or etc. ).

We probably should just mention it exists, but let to the reader to decide which is which, to avoid flame and edit wars, as other than extreme cases such as FATAL, it's better to avoid it, unless it's an actual historic setting where the author simply failed in the research.
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