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01:00:37 PM Aug 20th 2012
edited by seg162
How and why is there no entry for Western Animation?
01:20:25 PM Aug 20th 2012
Because nobody's thought of an example yet? Feel free to add an entry if you can think of one; it's not like there's a campaign against them.
12:45:06 AM Nov 25th 2011
edited by Camacan
In this example it's not clear what the work is. It's apparently not Time Crisis. It's not a trope that has aversions since there is no overwhelming global narrative expectation that an enemy will go boom when they die.

  • Time Crisis: Freddie Wong used this one once in his video. It's averted in the actual Time Crisis games, because usually the boss ends up spraying bullets or explosives in his death throes, but no such thing happens in Freddie Wong's video.
12:43:08 AM Nov 25th 2011
edited by Camacan
Examples need details in order to be worth listing. The point of examples is to flesh out the trope, being mindful to avoid Fan Myopia; the reader may not have read/seen the work. With Ninja Gaiden we had a reference to the quote instead of details. We don't want that: page quotes are subject to change, so it's not a good practice for page longevity.

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