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03:14:30 PM Jan 16th 2011
edited by DrakeClawfang
I'm...confused. What is this? Is it fanfiction, web comics, web vids? Is it some sort of Kingdom Hearts or Disney thing? Is it out yet or not?
05:04:53 PM Apr 16th 2011
I'd like to know too. A link to the work discussed should be be nigh required when describing a particular work, I'd think.
10:11:30 AM Apr 27th 2011
Still no answer. Anyone know what this is supposed to be?
12:25:52 PM May 11th 2011
I am working on the planning stages of a similar work to this, tentative title "New Century's Fairytale - Eternal Saga ". It is similar in the sense that it follows characters inspired by Kamen Rider Decade, or rather, his successors...the "Mass Production DCD Type Trooper". The story is going to be split into three written works, one for each of the protagonists: DCD 03, DCD 09 aka Niner, and DCD 011.

Since the premise is quite similar (although from the series list it seems like it will have a quite different tone), I would like to contact the author working on this project, so we can compare notes and acknowledge each other's works as unique occurrences with similar premises, maybe add a shout-out to the other here and there.
12:46:47 PM May 11th 2011
Also I found what it probably is:
07:26:27 PM Jun 25th 2011
All the edits were made by someone named "Troper Almighty". I think he's entry pimping something he's got partially written. Maybe someone could PM him to learn more?
01:00:34 PM Mar 14th 2013
edited by TheBagel
Hello. No, sorry, I am the writer of Decade. Troper Almighty is a friend of mine who knew about the project and started promoting it, before getting edit banned. One chapter has been posted on, but the work itself has been massively overhauled, along with a name change (I don't know what I'm changing it to yet, but I hate the name "Decade"), and probably won't be ready for years, so maybe it's best that it doesn't have a page here yet.

Yes, that story on Shifti was an experiment with what could have been in Decade; however, it changed several times and none of the events in it will actually be in the finished product. It has nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts or Disney.

New DCD: That sounds like an interesting premise. Unfortunately I have no notes on Decade, but I would like to PM you. I have tried to collaborate with two people before but one of them randomly deserted me and the other began to dislike fiction writing. The work would actually have quite a dark tone, with the fact that most of my choices were Saturday morning cartoons for children being completely irrelevant.

For anyone who wonders what the work is about, I will not reveal which stories are involved, although the majority have appeared in the listings before. The story concerns a shadowy religion fighting a secret organization, the FEA Rs from the FEAR Mythos and their involvement, and a serial killer attempting to kill people from different worlds who are seemingly connected. The protagonist would no longer be a ripoff of Kamen Rider Decade but a young man whose world was destroyed, seemingly by Slender Man, and who joins an organization dedicated to keeping all worlds in order.

The story and tone would be inspired by video games such as Silent Hill and Clock Tower, with some events being taken directly from it and modified. Doctor Who would also have a heavy influence on it, with the Cybermen, Daleks, and Mechanoids actually appearing. Other games had an influence on it too, such as Digital Devil Saga and Cowboy Bebop. There would also be random cameos from Ao Oni, LSD: Dream Emulator, and more.

But I think I've said too much already.
02:21:17 AM Apr 4th 2013
By the way, how do I contact New DCD?
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