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09:53:02 AM Nov 7th 2012
Anyone else think that the "Real Life" section has gotten out of hand?
08:06:35 PM Aug 15th 2016
"Outside of the coastal regions, Canada's climate is especially nasty, with its famously harsh winters, and summers that are usually hot and dry, leading to massive wildfires. By mid July, usually half of the country is burning, with the rest of it covered in smoke. And while everything's freezing or burning, the wildlife is generally out to get the locals too. Canadian Geese are extremely aggressive birds, and fully capable of killing full grown humans. If a moose, deer, elk, bear or other large animal ends up on the road that's being used, only one side's walking away from it, and it's not the humans. Not to mention if you happen to annoy any of those animals, they'll happily kill you there and then."

I agree.
09:28:29 PM May 27th 2012
Are there aliens who regard Earth as a Deathworld?
04:02:52 PM May 17th 2012
You forgot Dark Souls and Demon Souls in video games. If those aren't worlds in which everything is out for your blood, I don't know what is.
07:26:54 AM May 18th 2012
Feel free to add them as examples, then.
07:42:23 AM Sep 4th 2011
Venus, like the rest of the galaxy, isn't able to support life and therefore isn't interesting. At the bottom paragraph of the trope description, it states that the world must be able to support humans.
03:02:47 AM Apr 5th 2010
There's this book... yeah, I know, everyone remembers a book they can tell you all about, except the title and who wrote it...

Anyway, it's a friggin Death World where a research base has been established but is in constant peril of being invaded by the local microfauna. Getting a little hole in your armored environment suit while outdoors is a sure fire trip to being dead, slowly and agonizingly. The macroscopic lifeforms, plant and animal, can be defended against but the microbes - not so well. Eventually they break through all efforts at keeping them out.

The protagonist is a young woman who has been inoculated against everything imaginable and also has other stuff added to fight off come what may. She's an experiment to try and come to terms with the hostile world in order to enable a human colony to survive. Everyone dies in the end anyway, with some tropes of stupid/evil variety enabling inimical life from the planet to get to the space station. Quite some time later another expedition arrives, much better prepared, then the book ends.
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