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03:21:09 AM Sep 28th 2011
Did Mello ever kill via the Death Note?

10:19:29 PM Sep 25th 2011
edited by Freya
I've deleted the comments following 'Abuse is okay when it's female on male' in Misa's character entry. Previously, it was this:

Abuse Is Okay When It Is Female On Male - Misa forces Light to be her boyfriend under implied threat of death. He has little to no choice in the matter. She is possessive, insanely jealous ("If I see you with another girl I'll kill them!"), and emotionally abusive. (i.e. If you don't love me I'll just kill myself! etc.) Light is considered a Domestic Abuser because there is a scene where he shouts at her and knocks a drink out of her hand (note he does not actually touch her.) Oh evil, evil Light! But there's also an earlier scene where Misa hits Light repeatedly shouting "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" Now isn't that funny!

Not that I disagree or anything, but a) that's the sort of statement that belongs in Headscratchers, b) yes, Light *is* being abusive there and c) that confrontational tone really, really, really bothers me something horrid.

ETA: Scratch that, I've removed the entry entirely. After further thought, I've realized that while nobody spoke out *against* Misa's behaviour, nobody spoke out against Light's behaviour either, and have removed it as being more a commentary on the fandom than on the work.
10:26:09 AM Sep 4th 2011
edited by DeathBySunlight
Who is the girl reaching out her hand to Light in the 1st Op?

11:39:51 AM Sep 4th 2011
Huh. I always thought it was Misa.
03:22:07 AM Sep 28th 2011
12:54:21 AM Jul 13th 2011
edited by 326Sirian
I removed an entry under the "As Long as it Sounds Foreign" trope. The argument that a name would sound normal if people where named it is circular and can be used to justify any name.

Example: If a lot of japanese females where named John Smith, then the name John Smith would be considered a completely normal name for a japanese female. Therefore a japanese female named John Smith is normal since the name could be normal.
07:11:24 AM Aug 10th 2011
Damn, that is true. That's more of a sociological topic than anything else. I mean, if there was a culture where women were called John Smith, then for women in that culture, being called John Smith would be the norm.

This could explain why, in the LABB Another Note novel, no one so much as blinked at the fact that a 40 year old man was called Believe Bridesmaid, a 13 year old girl was called Quarter Queen, or why a woman in her 20s was called Backyard Bottomslash.

I agree that the 'as long as it sounds foreign' trope doesn't count here, because the scheme behind all the 'odd' names used is that the names used in such a manga as Death Note, especially the killers, must NOT belong to anyone who exists in real life. That's why the President was given a name that no previous real-life President had. That's why Light was given a name that NO JAPANESE PERSON had ever had before - where Raito (a name that has never existed in any way before) is written with moon, even though that particular kanji has never had that reading before. What is more, although Yagami is a name that already existed in Japan, it was written as night god, rather than the only other reading it had in real life, which is eight gods (a reference to the eight gods of luck found in Shintoism). Although Light's name is a real anomaly, in his world, although his first name is considered ununsual and tricky ('ah, so it's written as moon but read as Light') the last name is normal enough that it belongs to a whole family.

That took a bit of explaining, but that's what I think.
02:06:07 PM Jan 19th 2011
edited by TrevMUN
I removed this comment from the Adult Fear example, which was added back in October by an Unknown Troper with the IP

"Arguably, this fear is why religion is so important to those who want to believe that cessation of life isn't the end."

Can we please not use TV Tropes as a means to push such ignorant statements about religion like this one? (If you're about to post a reply to argue that with me, don't bother. Read this instead.)

Aside from the fact that it's ignorant and inflammatory, it also has nothing to do with Death Note or the author's views on religion and death. It's one troper trying to push their opinion on religion in a place where they have no business doing so.

I've seen people sneak BS "religion is just a means of coping with death" remarks like this in other articles too, like the Schlock Mercenary article, where it looked downright subversive considering the point Howard Tayler was making in the comic to which the article linked.
05:00:30 PM Aug 17th 2010
The Yotsuba Group? Isn't Yotsuba the japanese word for 4chan?
07:15:43 AM Aug 10th 2011
NO, 4chan is Japanese for 4chan, and the English translation is 4Kids. The Yotsuba group, I'm sure, are not related to 4Chan. That would be stupidly pointless, in my opinion. I don't know why Ohba choose the name Yotsuba, but s/he probably had a good reason for it somewhere.
08:15:23 PM Aug 5th 2010
Something I realized recently — of all the successful manga from the past decade I can think of, this might be the least derivative. I can't think of anything in the story or characters that was clearly influenced by earlier manga. Everything springs from the combination of the setting, the notebook, the character of the one who picked it up (a concept probably centuries old — the one everyone loved and held up as an ideal, corrupted by power and his belief in his own perfection), and the presence of an eccentric Great Detective opposing.

No wonder it's been known to make such a good gateway series. It barely seems connected with the ecosystem that produced it.
10:41:09 AM Oct 23rd 2010
It's certainly one of the most original series to come along in the last decade, and in a medium where genuine originality has become alarmingly rare in recent years, it's no wonder it stood out. That, and it's just a cracking good yarn.
07:26:30 AM Aug 10th 2011
I don't suppose you've heard of, then, the oneshot that Shigeru Mizuki (of 'Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro' fame, among others) drew in the 1970s and didn't get much praise for, known as the 'Miraculous Notebook'. Yes, you've guessed it, it is about a salaryman who finds a notebook that can kill. While this one never made it to the big time, and very few people actually know about it at all (while nearly no one can read it), it was then a total coincidence that, years later, Tsugumi Ohba had the same idea, added Shinigami, and got a series out of it.

Yes, I can still agree that it isn't very derivative at all, as this was only a coincidence, but Ohba did find out quite early on - early on enough, in fact, to reference it in the pilot, as the case that the detective talks about that takes place in the late 70s, where a load of people at a company died from mysterious heart attacks.

So, while the idea of a killer notebook HAS been done before, it was indeed a coincidence.
07:29:12 AM Aug 10th 2011
P.S, if you don't believe me, you can go onto Shigeru Mizuki's wiki page, go onto the website cited as citation number 5, and see the truth for yourself. It's all there.
06:23:55 AM May 8th 2010
Removed this:

One person using a mac is nothing extraordinary, it does not mean Macs are in any way overrepresented. Could be added back in with more examples of Mac-using characters in the show.
01:34:15 PM Mar 12th 2010
Did anyone else find it something of a Wall Banger that L is a champion TENNIS player? A game that is normally played outdoors in public and requires no electronic equipment, but does require at least one other person?
08:03:26 PM Aug 5th 2010
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