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02:40:29 AM Oct 13th 2012
Does his tendency to overuse certain words really count as Author Vocabulary Calendar? Part of that trope is that a specific word is used, possibly in a way that feels forced, maybe two or three times, and then never used again. He uses all the words listed pretty regularly throughout the Belgariad, the Malloreon, and the Belgarath and Polgara novels, and those are just his works that I've read.

I'd edit it myself but I can't think of the right trope it should go under.
12:23:46 PM May 2nd 2011
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This troper actually liked most of The Dreamers, especially the first few. It was the ending that ruined it all. His tongue-in-cheek writing and characterization - which made his books fun in the first place - are still present.

That said, compared to his other work, they certainly count as Fallen Creator.
07:05:13 AM Jan 2nd 2013
Agreed - the plot is mostly an excuse for the heroes to character develop, form unlikely friendships, and generally become better off than they were in the backplot while casually defeating the ultimate evil. Then the ending uses time travel to revert all that, condemning most of the characters to their respective hells that the plot rescued them from in order that one character's tragic doomed love can be retroactively unkilled. The end result? Happy ending for the happy couple, while the rest of the world can burn...

Even at its best, The Dreamers is going through the motions among a charming collection of lampshades - which is what makes the ending so annoying - "You know these guys you spent the last three-and-a-half books enjoying the company of? Remember how they were rescued from lives of despair and gloom? Well, none of that ever happened, so they're all totally screwed, but it's okay because the author's pet gets the girl after all!"
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