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04:22:38 AM Apr 1st 2011
edited by DaibhidC
This is getting close to natter, I think.

  • It's also Older Than They Think - remember Anthony Charles Lynton "Call me Tony" Blair?
    • Except Blair did actually invite people to call him Tony, while the "Call me Dave" bit is apparently made up; if someone is insistent on referring to him as Dave in what is clearly meant to be derisive way, there's a good chance they are a Labour supporter utilizing this comedic fodder.

My tuppence worth: They key difference between the way Blair and Cameron are percieved on this issue is that Tony was seen as actually being called Tony; no-one thought he'd made it up to sound more ordinary and was really Anthony in private. Whereas the perception of the "Call me Dave" thing is that he isn't really a "Dave" at all, he's a "David" (for example, Private Eye, criticising a soft soap interview with Mrs Cameron, said the interviewer should have interrupted the first time she said "Dave" and asked "And how long have you been calling him that?")

I have no idea whether he has asked people to call him Dave, or indeed whether he actually is called Dave at home, but what makes it a target for comedy is a combination of the belief that he has, and he isn't, not just the former.

(And surely if someone refers to him as anything in a derisive way, there's a good chance they're a Labour supporter. Or Scot-Nat, Green, anti-Coalition Lib-Dem or Independent...)
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