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08:23:42 AM Dec 3rd 2015
Is there a reason for the Resident Evil and Characters/Kamikawhateveritis indexes at the bottom? I'm confused.
07:35:21 PM Dec 3rd 2015
edited by jormis29
An edit made by Wild Card Courier removed the formatting that made Resident Evil only index the games. I went ahead and fixed that.

Characters.Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne has been made an index when it shouldn't have, a mod will have to fix that
07:42:27 PM Dec 3rd 2015
Ah, alright then. Thank you.
02:54:45 AM Dec 4th 2015
I made a request and Septimus Heap quickly fixed the Kamikaze page so it's all good now
11:39:12 AM Mar 21st 2012
Any Gender Flip versions?
07:07:27 PM Apr 7th 2011
Does Jean Loring really count? Isn't this trope just "A is a hero, B is a villain, they meet and form some sort of relationship"?

Jean Loring has a relationship with a hero, then goes nuts, then becomes a villain. And she has no further relationship with Ray Palmer upon becoming evil. It's the steps of the trope in reverse order. And I don't think that's how an Inverted Trope works.
07:10:02 PM Apr 7th 2011
I'd say the order's not really important, so it's a straight example, not an inversion.
02:28:20 AM Nov 21st 2011
The trope is a relationship between a hero and a villain. If she wasn't a villain when they were dating, and they broke up before she became a villain, it doesn't count.
10:37:43 PM Aug 27th 2010
So, I have seen many tropes being renamed to get rid of references to specific characters (The Daria to Snark Knight, for example). Might I suggest renaming this one to "Love Thy Enemy"?
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