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10:35:42 AM Sep 18th 2013
So like I've said, going by the list Obito doesn't fit. He's The Dragon with a deep voice and a mask. Even adding Fallen Hero into the mix there's tons of characters out there that fit these qualifications and aren't Vader Clones. May well say Durbe from Yugioh Zexal is a Darth Vader Clone. Deep voice, mask, fallen hero. These things alone do not a Vader make.

  • None of these are comparable to Tobi of Naruto. He is Obito Uchiha, who was the direct parallel to Naruto until he suffered grievous injuries, resulting in replacing his crushed half of the body with an artificial body. He then gain a Mask, then a Freudian Excuse to become a Fallen Hero, and The Heavy Dragon of The Man Behind the Man. He speaks in a really deep voice. He then ended up battling his former teacher, Minato the Fourth Hokage, and being responsible for the man's death, and love to turn heroes to his side so he can betray his master. Japanese Vader, say hello to your fanbase.

03:14:25 PM Sep 8th 2012
Removed this example:

"Darth Malak from Knights of the Old Republic is possibly the most obvious Darth Vader expy."

While Malak shares a few characteristics with Vader, he does not fit this trope. First and most obviously, his armor is red, not black, his "mask" does not cover his entire face, and he is not a cyborg (well, other than his jaw). Second, his relationship with the main protagonist is completely different; Master and apprentice rather than son and father. He is also the Big Bad and not The Dragon.

If anyone thinks this example should be re-added post your arguments here.
07:53:43 AM Jun 24th 2012
The only Anime example here is also called a Char Clone, but isn't Char himself arguably a Darth Vader Clone?
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