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08:41:18 PM Apr 17th 2010
I've added to this article. I know Dana Carvey has been in a lot of movies — anyone want to help me out here?
02:48:52 AM Apr 18th 2010
Presumably you have some sort of access to a search function?
04:07:08 PM Apr 18th 2010
Did a search. Probably could add more (he did a lot of celeb impersonations!) Hopefully, the Spinal Tap nod will push it over. (How did I miss that one?!)
03:38:30 AM Apr 19th 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper
I'm lazy so could you organise so that it's more like a listing of his top impersonations and works. It will be more conducive to people adding to it later and a few of them will have particular tropes associated with them (I've seen them around the wiki as examples) and you can find them by a wiki search for Dana Carvey. (G.H.W. appears on Impersonation Paradox, "Isn't that special?" is on Memes, I see one on Mistaken for Gay and his The Eponymous Show parodied Trope Co. Trope of the Week.)

Edit: OK, so I wasn't that lazy but do some clear up.