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11:33:50 AM Sep 24th 2012
Should I add the alphabet itself?
04:15:32 AM Mar 12th 2011
This article is an embarrassment for the Useful Notes section. The grammar and spelling are appalling, the viewpoint is quite opinionated (I am a Russian, and even I found it sickeningly Russocentric), a lot of the information in it is quite irrelevant to the alphabet per se, and most of what is said about the alphabet is completely false (starting from the fact that Cyril and Methodius had nothing to do with Kievan Rus’ – they preached in Moravia and the alphabet was created in the Bulgarian Empire). I guess rewriting it is possible, but personally I see no reason why we needed an article on the Cyrillic alphabet in the first place. Most of what we need to know about it tropewise is already in The Backwards R article, and more trivial information can be included in the Useful Notes articles on the Russian language and the other countries that use Cyrillic. So how about deleting this article?
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