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05:58:23 AM Nov 30th 2012
Despite what Grobi says below, I strongly disagree that this is a "perfect" trope title - in fact, I think this article is trying to do three different things and gets muddled as a result. We're combining "cute monster girl", "sexy monster girl", and "monstrous dimorphism", when they're three separate (although related) tropes. See Cute Witch, Hot Witch, and Witch Species for an example of a similar (and, in my opinion, correctly-implemented) split.
06:20:08 PM Aug 17th 2013
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I think "Sexy Monster Girl" may already be covered by the page Beastess. Or partly covered. Discuss?
12:28:15 PM Feb 15th 2012
Although the female Zentraedi (or, more properly, Meltrandi in Macross) are generally all pretty, this is certainly averted in Macross 7. Veffidas is a lot of things, but generically pretty isn't one of them.
02:41:56 AM May 17th 2011
What does everyone think of "Pretty Weird" as a redirect?
02:17:15 PM May 29th 2011
Nice pun, but Cute Monster Girl is one of the few "perfect" Trope-titles: Short, easy to remember, exactly what it says on the tin. Redirect is unnecessary.
02:40:00 PM Aug 10th 2010
what is the pic from?
07:30:06 PM Aug 18th 2010
Originally the My Species Doth Protest Too Much page. Beyond that I do not know.
08:51:22 PM Oct 18th 2010
I've seen that one before, but I'd really have to search around to find it.

if memory serves correctly, it was a battler image made for RPG Maker VX.
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