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03:39:26 PM Nov 28th 2014
are the turrets in Video Game/Portal an example? They have the cutest voices, but will shoot you if they see you.
03:40:03 PM Nov 28th 2014
On a side note, I can't seem to link properly to Portal anywhere.
02:19:16 AM Nov 29th 2014
You need to surround the "Portal" with {{ and }}.
12:41:53 PM Nov 29th 2014
12:42:43 PM Nov 29th 2014
12:42:51 PM Nov 29th 2014
but seriously are the turrets an example of this trope?
12:31:57 AM Jan 21st 2014
Suggest renaming trope "Yangire." It's similar to Yandere, but without love being the cause of the mood swing. Info here:
12:34:36 AM Jan 21st 2014
That name is far more opaque than the current one so it won't be renamed. You can set up a redirect if you like, though.
04:32:19 PM Nov 23rd 2012
edited by KamiKaze
Are the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic examples truly examples? I mean, some of the ones I can see, but others not so much.

Pinkie Pie- Okay, I can sort of see it, based off the episode where she went crazy and started hosting a party with inanimate objects. In addition, there's her fanon interpretation. She might not be the best example, though.

Fluttershy- Honestly the best example out of the lot. Normally she's a Shrinking Violet, but there have been enough Beware the Nice Ones moments for it to be a running gag among bronies. If we keep any at all, I say we keep this.

Twilight- Uh... not really? She's suffered Sanity Slippage, but I don't think her behavior in "Lesson Zero" qualifies; if anything it's just that, Sanity Slippage.

Rarity- Uh... no? Unless I'm missing something, she barely counts. In the link she was angry for legitimate reasons (specifically, getting her diary published in a gossip forum).

Luna- If anything, a recovered Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds with No Social Skills.

In addition, the examples are extremely cluttered and could use some rewriting! I thought of asking first before I cleared out/changed the examples, to see if my issue with the current MLP example is legitimate. I personally suggest keeping Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, removing everyone else, and cleaning it up.

Thoughts on the matter?
12:29:42 PM Nov 26th 2012
Yeah, I highly doubt 5 of the Mane Six are all examples of Cute and Psycho, that's not how it works. Also having temporary breakdowns or Sanity Slippage for a little bit shouldn't automatically make you this tripe. I think this is a heavy case of fanon overriding canon.
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