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12:18:55 AM Sep 12th 2016
edited by NNinja
Is there any difference between this and Cultured Warrior? Seems like the same thing to me, or at least Ridiculously Similar.
01:49:15 PM Jan 25th 2011
What's the difference between the Cultured Badass and the Genius Bruiser?

The description describes both as tough guys who know more than they look.
03:05:25 PM Dec 7th 2011
edited by Stoogebie
Genius Bruiser is when a character looks like they'd be the Dumb Muscle, but they turn out to be highly intelligent and very intellectual people. Cultured Badass is a badass who has a refined way to them. They can overlap occasionally.

There are however, cases where they differ a lot. For example, a Cultured Badass could achive badassery with the power of culturedness! Say for instance a Guile Hero is an artist, and their paintings may be a big part of defeating the enemy (because of the influence it incites in other people).
08:59:32 AM Nov 27th 2017
Also, a Genius Bruiser could be a Gadgeteer Genius who has a degree in engineering and is also big and tough. A Cultured Badass is a badass who is knowledgeable specifically in art, literature, classical music, wine tasting, that sort of thing.
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