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12:59:03 PM Aug 27th 2013
I was just looking up the French title of the Discworld novel Soul Music, and I noticed the Google Translate of the relevent French Wikipedia page says " Many references to groups or famous rock songs (eg we find Johnny Hallyday )."

Could someone who's read the translation say what the reference to Hallyday was, and if possible what it took the place of?
04:17:35 PM May 4th 2013
A lot of the examples, particularly of live-action films, are just noting that certain films were remade and relocated to the U.S.A. (or wherever). Shouldn't there be an example of how the film was culturally translated? And if there isn't an example (they just changed the accents), then it isn't really a translation, is it? I suggest a lot of cuts.
01:10:16 PM Sep 5th 2012
Just so I understand, this isn't about remakes, just translations and dubs, yes?
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