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05:04:51 AM Feb 9th 2012
Maybe this should rather be called The Cult?
04:33:22 AM Sep 5th 2011
edited by VVK
If I recall correctly, I previously added a mention in the description that the term "cult" (or "dangerous cult") has been used as a technical term denoting a specific kind of group, which has similarities to the typical fictional depiction described here. If I did put it there, the mention is no longer there. I think the page is inadequate in implying it's all about the word having a bad sound to it. Has someone got some reason to give for why this should not be mentioned? This may be a loaded term, but giving it a pretty strict definition (based on the new way it is being used but defined properly) and then applying it to groups that can actually be shown to fit the criteria is no longer a "misuse in a political context".
11:06:05 AM Jul 1st 2011
OH NOES!! SCIENTOLOGY HAS BEEN MENTIONED IN AN ARTICLE ABOUT CULTS!! Run for the hills! Save the women and children and handsome!! Prepare for litigatioooooon!!

Well, it IS a cult but that's beside the point! Those people are nuts! They'll sue you for looking at them funny, ESPECIALLY If you're on the Internet!
07:41:58 PM Jul 15th 2013
For the record, I got an advertisement for Scientology in the sidebar of this article. Lol.
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