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02:39:38 PM Dec 30th 2010
Whoever the fuckhead keeps reverting my edit stating that Cristina Vee is the dub equivalent to Rie Kugimiya, I have solid proof. Ask the fucking fandom. And going to bring out polls to prove my point. Cristina Vee is the dub equivalent to Rie Kugimiya and English dubs need a "queen of tsundere."
02:48:11 PM Dec 30th 2010
Honestly, I've never heard anyone in the fandom say that. I doubt that you have legit proof. Please stop trashing the page with bad info.
02:50:41 PM Dec 30th 2010
edited by DarkPaladinX
I'm going to get legitimate proof. Just wait about a week or so. Also, explain to me why you guys allow folks to compare Japanese seiyuus to English dub voice actors like Bridget Hoffman/Kikuko Inoue comparision while you don't allow this one?
02:51:45 PM Dec 30th 2010
Then don't edit the page again until you have this "legitimate proof"
02:57:20 PM Dec 30th 2010
Because they have actually shared more than one role. Fannish dreaming does not count as sharing a role.
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