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06:07:56 PM Jan 15th 2011
edited by kitsunezeta
In case anyone's wondering about the boss names, I grabbed them based off the BGM titles. Here's the list, going by internal (Limitter shop) and actual name:

The curious part is that Gorgoneion is NOT designated as the final boss, instead, Crimson Heart is given that designation, which adds weight to the idea that it is intended that the game be done on one credit. Given how we normally classify bosses as TFB and what not, I'm not gonna argue too much on semantics as far as that one goes, although the lack of a staff roll if you continue before downing Crimson Heart's first form is more than reason enough to keep Nonstandard Game Over on the list.
03:20:16 AM Jan 16th 2011
Well, I kind of doubt if the music names was supposed to be the name of bosses, but whatever. I'm fine with that.

Crimson Heart is, by all means, a True Final Boss. If someone think we should remove one entry for Crimson Heart, remove the Bonus Boss one.
09:25:39 AM Jan 16th 2011
Well, until canon names are released, it gives us something to call them, and it seems I wasn't the first one to adopt that idea.
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