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10:38:56 AM May 30th 2014
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Here's what should be on this trope:

Well, guys? Whaddya think?
09:27:22 PM Jun 13th 2014
Shall I add this or not?
10:28:05 PM Jun 13th 2014
No. The unsubstantiated words of a (possibly bitter) fan does not count as the Word of God.
12:30:47 AM Mar 20th 2014
This entry:

  • Chris Avellone, one of the original creators of Fallout is known to be openly hateful of the more Black Comedy portions of the canon and the fact that games like Fallout: New Vegas give the impression of a recovering world, claiming that the whole point of the series was to be a barren, post apocalyptic wasteland where death and anarchy reign and altuirism and all other good qualities are either dead or backfire horribly. He's vented his anger in the Fallout Bible, where he unceremoniously destroyed much of the lighthearted content of Fallout 2, and has threatened to do the same to New Vegas.

Is wrong on two counts:

1. Chris Avellone had no involvement with Fallout 1. 2. That is a complete misrepresentation of the Fallout Bible.
09:47:51 PM Oct 30th 2013
What's the difference between Creator Backlash and Old Shame?
05:18:21 AM Sep 27th 2013
I think I found quite possibly the biggest case of Creator Backlash yet: Joss Whedon and The Avengers!

You're allowed to write an entry about it; I'd rather have someone else do it other than me.
10:33:28 AM May 28th 2013
It seems to me that many of the examples on this page are not creators. Orson Welles did not create Transformers, nor did Michael J. Fox create Teen Wolf.
11:21:42 AM May 28th 2013
I think it has something to do with the fact we use the Creator/ namespace for... pretty much any real life person, be they an actual creator, an actor, a writer, or anything.
03:42:05 PM May 29th 2013
That's most likely it, but it seems like we should separate them out. Is there a trope for actors that came to hate their roles, something we can split off into? Or should I just relax?
12:05:04 PM Nov 23rd 2013
The examples section is indeed quite off. I vote for a distinction too. If no trope already exists, let the internet (namely, not me, French here, my English is all fake and really sparkly meow) create one. Or relocate all of the actors examples into Old Shame. Really, how does an actor/actress despising his/her role fit in this section ? It could, of course, but only if it was an instance of an actor not being pleased with how he interpreted the role (that is the creation part of the job) but that particular instance is nowhere to be seen on the examples Anyway, this bothers me. Have a good day people.
03:17:18 PM Jun 5th 2011
How about Noah's deluge, or the branches of hinduism where each season of the world is worse than the last one, ending with cancellation or reboot?
10:58:29 AM Feb 4th 2011
How is this YMMV?
06:34:31 AM Sep 28th 2011
edited by SamMax
It is no longer such (or at least, it doesn't appear to be), but I do have some ideas as to how it could have been YMMV:

1. Someone simply messed up.

2. Some Creator Backlash might have been misinterpreted and could be read differenly.

Other than that, I have no idea.

01:34:30 AM Jan 28th 2011
"•John Solomon, of all people, has come to hate loathe his own creation and repulsed that people were idealizing it. He made it perfectly clear that he loathed fanboyism, even when it was his own, which is what ultimately lead to him deleting his own blog. When he learned that The Bad Webcomics Wiki had archived his reviews, he got a little peeved. The Bad Webcomics Wiki felt likewise. N-Not that they ever liked John Solomon, because they never did. Really."

An almost completely blue entry that totally fails to link what it's actually REFERRING to. Can someone who knows fix it?
07:05:42 AM Mar 28th 2011
Also, who the HELL is John Solomon ?
07:11:38 AM Mar 28th 2011
Gotta love the internet, where "creator backlash" eventually results in entire archives vanishing forever, leaving everyone that wasn't following the whole mess from day one confused and generally in favor of whoever is more famous, whether right or wrong.
08:59:25 AM Aug 30th 2010
Harper Lee's entry was written off as "Critical Research Failure". Someone care to actually elaborate on that as to what was wrong?
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