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03:24:49 AM Feb 8th 2014
The page mentions that Don Cossacks are multi ethnic and intermingled with Mongols and Cuman people. My grandpa was a Don Cossack and I've tried to learn a bit about the people he came from, does anyone know good references for information about Don Cossacks, I've never heard of intermingling with Mongols, only that Don Cossacks fought them.
01:47:06 PM Jan 6th 2014
Cossacks have always had a reputation among Jews for being violently anti-Semetic. There’s even an expression, ‘a Cossack deprived’, who moans about underprivileged people fighting back against the privileged, based on a folk anecdote about a Cossack who tells his mother he’s going to lynch Jews, and when she says he should be careful lest they fight back, he says, ‘Why? What’d I ever do to them?’

I’m just not sure how to work that into the text.
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