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12:09:04 AM Mar 4th 2018
edited by tyrekecorrea
If FX found Straight Outta Compton to be so objectionable, why the sweaty hell did they air it?

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That sort of thing has become more common.
08:43:56 PM May 6th 2018
That's what I was surprised about how they had the balls to air it uncut. Even Deadpool got the same treatment but they didn't uncut it despite letting the f-bombs slide through.
07:23:11 PM Mar 29th 2010
Alright, can someone give me an example of how content warnings "often obscure the show's title or other credits (or if the show uses a Cold Open, one of the actors' heads!)"? Because I can't think of any examples of this at all, and the article is currently more complaint than description.
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