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01:11:19 PM May 18th 2013
Another Heroes entry I don't feel belongs there. Can someone prove me wrong?
10:05:36 PM Mar 31st 2013
I'm a little fuzzy on this trope. Is this about contemplating philosophical questions or actual navel gazing? Because while the majority of them seem to be the former, I keep seeing examples of the latter.
11:22:42 AM Apr 1st 2013
The trope may have decayed a little. It probably used to be both at the same time.
05:06:52 PM Mar 31st 2013
Ok, why is this part of the anti-intellectual group? I mean, it would be annoying to them, but how is the trope itself saying that being smart is bad?
05:48:18 PM Mar 31st 2013
Well, some if some of the examples fit in Anti-intellectual category, then the whole trope can go in the category. It's like how a trope can be in the Funny and Drama indexes at the same time.
10:01:52 PM Mar 31st 2013
Sorry, I was a little unclear above. I meant, I've read over the trope and the examples, and none of it suggests, as the anti-intellectual index states, "demonizing intellectuals and/or idolizing "stupidity"". Even if examples of this trope are anti-intellectual in their nature, that doesn't make the trope anti-intellectual.

I'd agree that certain tropes could, say, go in both the intelligence and anti-intellectual indexes (Insufferable Genius certainly qualifies for both), but it has to be relevant. The trope has to be used for anti-intellectualism, not just have an some anti-intellectual examples. Otherwise, You could put, say, any narration trope in anti-intellectual, because some of the examples are anti-intellectual.
07:11:30 AM Apr 6th 2012
Does anyone else actually enjoy this trope? I love scenes like this.
09:31:36 PM Oct 8th 2010
Surely it's omphaloskopy, not omphaloskepsis? The latter would seem to mean doubting the existence of your navel, not contemplating it?
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