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03:49:42 PM Aug 13th 2016

  • Used as a Pet the Dog moment for the antiheroic male lead in a romance novel whose title I've forgotten. He and the female lead had "consummated" some time before and had been forced to marry, but their premarital funtimes aren't public knowledge. Believing that the forced marriage was her plan all along, he is angry enough to refuse to have sex with her on the wedding night. Waking up to find her approaching the bed with a knife, he tackles her, only to have her explain that she was planning this trope. He takes the knife and — after a moment of fear on her part that he will allow her to be shamed — cuts himself instead, musing that he left so much blood on the sheets that the servants will pity her for having to deal with his brutality.

until someone recognizes the work and can put the example back with a name
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