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03:12:11 PM Aug 5th 2010
There are lots of "Computer Voice" subtropes and related entries that skirt around this... but it doesn't seem to be discussed anywhere. The existing articles all talk about the actors or software and mention audio treatment in passing.

If the producer says "I want a computer voice here" the audio treatment will include ring mod, reverb, and other filters that are essentially shortcuts to the same thing. Tinny and a bit echoey, if you will. Think of Eddie the Shipboard Computer in Hitch-Hiker for an unusual example which has the audio treatment but has human inflection and rhythm - and so is an example of ONLY this Computer Voice subtrope.

Should this have a full section in here?

04:00:16 PM Aug 5th 2010
I'd say go for it. The article does indeed omit describing the typical audio qualities of the Computer Voice past the monotone and potential errors when damaged.
12:19:49 AM Aug 6th 2010
OK - some Wiki magic required first tho - would like an EARLY example. Radio and B-movie sci-fi has been around longer than the Daleks have. Robby? Or...
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