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02:02:01 AM Dec 22nd 2016
worth noting: sexually produced animals are "composite characters" of their parents?
06:58:55 PM Oct 22nd 2014
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Wouldn't the fusion character from the Majin Buu saga of Dragon Ball Z count, like Gotenks or Buu himself?
01:32:05 AM Oct 23rd 2014
Hrmm, I am sceptical.
03:37:01 PM Aug 29th 2014
This bit was added recently: "In some extreme cases with certain stories that have regular adaptations every few years, an Era-Specific Personality gives them the opportunity to fuse specific versions of the SAME character in different adaptations, making them a composite character of themselves."

Correct me if i am mistaken, but two versions of the same character are not two or more characters.
06:30:35 PM Aug 29th 2014
The line was written in as taking a cue from a few examples that have popped up, which may be a hair on the outside of the trope definition but still uses the concept of the trope in spirit. For instance, on the Batman Forever page it lists the Riddler as combining elements of his Silver Age spandex wearing trickster, and the Bronze Age business suit wearing narcissist. Those two versions have the same name and a common theme of using Riddles, but in practice were two different characters with different motivations. Similarly, a modern adaptation could take traits of a character in the main continuity while adapting traits of a previous adaptation version of the character that was radically different, thus actually being two different characters by virtue of Alternate Universe.

Instead of making a tacky "this is not an appropriate example" on the description and combing the wiki for the maybe 12 examples that use the trope in that way, I figured it was less of a headache to make an exception for those types of examples.
05:01:54 PM Aug 30th 2014
I other words, you agrees that this not followed the trope description. You discussed with other tropers before of put this bit?
09:16:59 PM Aug 31st 2014
All depends on how you decide to interpret "two or more characters." Some may agree that a character with the same name but two wildly different characterizations would count as two different characters, and thus could merge the two different characterizations in an adaptation. I think the examples have merit in the spirit of the trope and really didn't feel like running out a TRS to get troper consensus. If you want to do so, feel free.
01:40:44 AM Sep 1st 2014
These kind of description rewrites have a habit of creating problems (making descriptions murky, cuaing tropers to complain about the undiscussed change...). I would take them to the forums if I were you.
11:49:41 AM Aug 11th 2010
Two examples I cut:

• Jesus is a composite character of Horus (With the virgin Mary being Isis), Mithras, Attis, Krishna, Buddha, Shed and Dionysus (just read Charles François Dupuis's work on the subject)... Elements have been substracted but the affinities remain...

  • The "popular culture" version of Mary Magdalene from The Bible is an amalgamation of several different women from the gospels. The real Mary Magdalene had seven demons driven out of her by Jesus; this is all that's truly known about their relationship. Martha's sister Mary, the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, and the woman who poured the ointment on Jesus' head were all different women.
    • There is no evidence they cannot be the same, and the woman at the well/the adulteress about to be stoned are rarely identified with Mary Magdalene.
    • Neither is there any evidence that they are the same; there are also other, howewer for the most part historical, instances of attempted amalgamation of diferrent biblical characters, such as the tax-collector Zacchaeus and the Apostole Matthias, both of which were also confused with the Evangelist Mathew (Matthaeus).

I've heard these theories before, but I don't know how respected they are, and I don't want to have dubious examples. I'll look for someone who knows a bit about the Bible to determine whether they should be used, and with what qualifiers.

04:53:05 PM Jun 2nd 2010
How about splitting into From Real Life (composite real life characters in a fictioalisation) and From Fiction (composite fictional characters in an adaptation)?
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