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03:16:11 PM Aug 5th 2013
"Devolve into Complaining about Shows"? You'd think this would devolve into a 50/50 split between that trope and Gushing About Shows You Dont Watch.
11:56:31 AM May 24th 2013
A lot of this tropes description seems to have been written by a person that doesn't like people not liking hearing them constantly complain every week a series part is released.
08:03:35 PM Dec 21st 2010
edited by Gundamforce
I'm removing the examples, since many of the examples simply look like nothing more than Complaining About Shows You Don't Like, and the other complaining tropes don't get examples for the same and similar reasons. We'd rather not have Flame Bait here.
08:19:28 PM Dec 21st 2010
edited by KrisMahai
Was there consensus on this? Reverting until a decision is made by everyone. Even if you're right, you don't do this sort of thing without major discussion.
05:15:55 PM Dec 22nd 2010
edited by Gundamforce
Yeah that probably wasn't a good idea. Well then i'll put up a Trope Repair Shop discussion about this then.
04:58:34 PM Dec 23rd 2010
We got a consensus on this. Examples are gone but i'll move some of the good ones to Troper Tales.
05:38:12 PM Mar 9th 2010
I'm not so sure the World of Warcraft forums fall under this at all. From my experience, they seem to be nothing but a cesspool of complaining, negativity, and excessive nostalgia. If anything, it's a reverse of this, where if you claim you actually enjoy World of Warcraft you're more likely to be attacked.
04:59:52 PM Dec 14th 2010
Yeah, it seems more like Fandumb or Broken Base rather than this. Luckily, my bad example and Nater chainsaw is puring like a kitten to night.