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11:05:34 AM Nov 2nd 2016
edited by Lyner
Two examples should be added.

Ōkami-san has a reference in the fight between Otohime and Usami. In her attempts to defame Usami, Otohime's friends post flyers accusing her of engaging in enjo kosai, complete with images of her going around with older men. For some reason Funimation decided to translate this as just her "being paid for dates"...

Heaven's Memo Pad has one big case specifically dealing with this, with a client trying to have a "prostitution ring" in the area dealt with, which reveals a girl engaging in the practice to catch and interrogate people who had done this with her friend, who herself had gone into the practice as a way to destroy the strict good-girl image she'd been forced to maintain.
04:53:13 AM Nov 3rd 2016
You should ask for them to be added in this thread
05:42:39 AM Nov 23rd 2013
Need to add a male variant - mitsukano often shortened to mitsu, which is where male hosts or Visual Kei artists pimp themselves out (or are pimped out by their label or host club) to 99 percent of the time fangirls (with the rare gay or bisexual male client for those who are gay or bisexual) Technically not supposed to include sex, almost always does.
06:29:21 PM Nov 25th 2011
Please don't self-insert. The point of examples is to flesh out the trope with specifics; not enough details here. Please see How to Write an Example.

  • I'm not sure if Billion Girl falls under this trope, but it sure as hell tries.
03:33:16 PM Oct 12th 2011
Ah nuts, I was going to mention that the shortened form of enjo-kōsai is enkō. I'm sure everyone's life would have been greatly enriched with that info.
11:17:40 PM Dec 18th 2010
Why is this still locked? We already have a system for dealing with the problem mentioned on Locked Pages.
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