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01:54:57 PM Dec 12th 2012
"A few notes about the notation: the army ranks are written in green; navy ranks, in (duh) navy blue; marines, in blue (if none given, the navy equivalent is used for marines, except in the USMC that uses Army ranks for its officers instead); and air force, in gray (if none given, the army equivalent is used). Schutzstaffel is a special case, so it's just black, whereas universal ranks not attached to a particular service are maroon."

I don't see any colours on the ranks. Has this been changed, or is this an intended feature that hasn't been implemented yet?
06:48:47 AM Jun 29th 2013
There use to be colours on the wiki; now any pages that had colors and where subsequently edited lost it. For example the Red Alert page was locked to prevent this.
10:55:07 PM Sep 1st 2012
This page must be edited. Large parts of it are just lain wrong. It'll take a while.

The US military pay grade designator is "O" for officers, not "OF".

It starts at O-1, Second Lieutenant (Army, Air Force, Marines)/Ensign (Navy, Coast Guard); O-2 is Second Lieutenant (Army, Air Force, Marines)/Lieutenant JG (Navy, Coast Guard); O-3 is Captain (Army, Air Force, Marines)/ Lieutenant (Navy, Coast Guard); O-4 is Major (Army, Air Force, Marines)/ Lieutenant Commander (Navy, Coast Guard), etc.
09:48:18 PM Jun 4th 2015
This page is not using the US ranks. It is using the NATO equivalents, which do use OF.
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