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01:39:54 PM Jul 18th 2014
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Inbounds have came from two Something Awful links, a corporate how-to-market site, two dead facebook links, and a dead twitter link.

Support cutting.
02:09:15 PM Jul 18th 2014
It is a valid genre, though. Methinks it's one of these trope pages written in the early days of the wiki which would be considered incomplete or stubs by today's standards. Not sure if I would consider that cut-worthy.

Also, Google shows articles that use this term with the same definition as us, so it would be odd to not have it here.

03:43:42 PM Jul 18th 2014
Is it a trope, a works or a useful notes? It doesn't seem to be used for any of these. It is a thing which may exist, but it does not appear to use tropes or be used as a trope or be sufficiently represented in fiction to be useful as a note.
01:12:56 AM Jul 19th 2014
It's neither. It's a genre.
09:01:53 AM Feb 16th 2012
Having 47 inbounds is a reason against cutting, even if it's short. And shortness here isn't a cutting reason. Please don't cut.
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